What is the big deal with Instagram?

What is the big deal with Instagram?


So you have been hearing a lot about Instagram. This trendy thing that all the cool kids are posting their photographs. Instagram was developed to share photos and videos from a smartphone via a social networking app. This social media platform has been around for quite some time but has quietly become popular as everyone has a new obsession with mobile photography.

Welcome to Instagram

Just like Twitter or Facebook, your Instagram account has newsfeed as part of your profile. All videos or photos that you post will be on your profile. Persons who follow you will see all your content in their feed. Similarly, you will see posts from other persons whom you choose to follow

Instagram is pretty straight forward. It pays emphasis more on mobile use and visual sharing.  Like most social networks, the name of the game is interaction and on Instagram, interaction can happen when you follow other users, you see their content and stories on your feed, liking, commenting or sending private messaging. They can also choose to follow you. You can save photos you see on Instagram. There are some accounts designated as private. In order to follow or see their posts, you need to seek permission.


Devices That Work with Instagram Platform

On all iOS devices, like iPad and iPhone as well as all Android devices, the Instagram app is available for free.

Instagram can be accessed on a desktop and while there is a secret way to uploading photos via this way, videos have to be uploaded only from mobile devices

Steps to opening an account:

  • Download the app
  • Before you start using the app, you will be asked to create a free account. This can be done via your Facebook login or by using an email. You will need to have a username and password ready
  • After this process, you will be given an option to follow your contacts who are on Instagram from your Facebook contacts. You can choose to do this right away or skip to the next step
  • Your Instagram can become your online real estate. Therefore you should complete the process by having a very good bio. Your bio must be short. You should include a picture and a website link if you have one.
  • This is important to grow your followers as people will want to know who you are and why should they follow you.

Instagram Your Social Media Gateway

Instagram is a visually driven platform. Everyone is motivated to find or create only the best photos and videos and share it. Every account has the ability to have followers or be follow. The number of followers and following count you have represent how many users can see your posts and comment.

To follow someone, you will notice that every user will have a button which you can simply tap to follow them. If the person’s account is set as private, then they will need to approve you first as a follower.

You have to remember that when you create your profile and set it as a public account, anyone can find and view your profile. If this is not your intention, you can choose to set it to private, if you want to approve your followers first to see your posts.

It is fun and easy to interact on Instagram. For every post that you like, you can simply double-tap on it or you can add a comment at the bottom. You can even share it via direct message simply by clicking on the arrow button at the bottom.

To get even more followers or find accounts that are interesting to follow, use the search bar tab which is an icon of a magnifying glass to search through Instagram recommended posts for you. However, the search tab can also be used to browse for your personal interesting topics, users or even hashtags

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