Hashtags The Real Gold

Hashtags The Real Gold

Hashtags are like gold nowadays. It is powerful.  Are you aware that an Instagram post with at least one hashtag averages increased engagement by about 12.6% than a post without hashtags? 

Hashtags can assist your posts to be more targeted by reaching your audience, gain new followers in your niche, increase engagement and heighten your brand in a more positive and recognizable way.

Here is the insight scoop though. Just like #spiderman stated with great power comes great responsibility.  There is no doubt hashtags are a valuable business tool that can skyrocket your brand to new heights, but if you have no clear strategy or too often without understanding, then hashtags become inefficient and pointless. Eg #happy #nice #joyful       #superhappy #ecstatic #jumpingforjoy #whatisanothersynonym


We are certain that you want your business’ Instagram post to have optimal engagement, so if we are on the same page continue reading our posts. For we will share insights on not just attracting followers but how to attract the right followers.

The importance of hashtags

Instagram’s sorting process filters posts through hashtags essentially. With tons and tons of photos posted on Instagram daily, it is a challenge for Instagram to effectively deliver the right content to its targeted audiences. The use of hashtags will help your posts to be discovered by persons who are really interested in seeing it.

If you think of hashtags as a funnel, then it assists you to categorize your posts more efficiently.  It will help you reach your targeted audiences and more importantly help them to also find you.  There is more engagement and enthusiasm because these are the topics they have listed as their interests. It must be used right. For example, the use of #marketing is very broad and whereas you will get thousands and thousands of posts, is this what you really need? If you use instead #digitalmarketing or #marketingmotivation  you will obtain a more targeted reach.  It means that your messages will meet the targeted audiences.

The use of hashtags increase in popularity and this has resulted in other social media platform adapted the use of them too. Here are some reasons why hashtags are important:

Hashtags is a Simple & Effective Post Filter 

Hashtags assist in providing a great filter for posts. When you add a hashtag to your posts, you can be certain that it will fall in that category and it will be explored by persons who have listed that as part of their interests. It means that you have a targeted post to the right audience

Hashtags Allow You To Discover  & Explore Relevant Content

Sports is one thing that can unite the world. World Cup is always a memorable event where people come out passionate about sports and passionate about their team. The trending hashtag in 2018 was #Russia2018 There were 68.4K unique posts, 1.7M hashtag reach with 1.8K average likes. Fans also trended other matches hashtags as well. During the finals, the hashtag #FranceVsCroatia was born. If you were an astute marketing strategist, using these hashtags during this period to market a sports product, you will be sure to not only be seen but you would be able to explore and discover relevant content that you can reuse in your marketing

Hashtags Increase Your Brand Visibility

Once you know the top Instagram in your niche, your battle is halfway won. With relevant content and consistent postings, you will see more and more followers coming to check your content and either liking or following your posts. It is not a quick fix and it takes time. But Instagram is an extraordinary marketing tool for businesses, once done right. Integrate your messaging by the use of Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler within the Instagram dashboard and so your hashtags will be placed on all three platforms

Hashtags Can Be a Competitor Spy

Since hashtags act as a filter, you can search for your niche on Instagram. You will see not only influencers but you will also see the actual business in that niche. This is a gold mine of information. You get to see who are your competitors, what they are selling, how they are advertising, what hashtags they are using so you will know how to position your business as the better choice.

You can search other business names and any hashtags that they may be using in their posts. You can see their target audiences reactions to their posts. This gives you valuable insights on what works best and what will not for your own social media marketing.

You can duplicate some of their hashtags but be cognizant that hashtags are forever evolving. What was once popular can be outdated very quickly. So you need to “think outside the box” and be one step ahead of the competition by coming up with your own hashtags with proper research looking at all the trending hashtags. This creativity will ensure your brand looks credible and trustworthy.

Hashtags Are an Excellent Traffic Generator:

There is no denying that through Instagram many people can have their products and services be seen more than any social media platforms. Instagram is free and hashtags are the screws that make it happen. Use hashtags effectively as well as having great content and consistent posting schedules, you will see a jump in your analytics for your website. You may be thinking how can I know what are the best hashtags?  How can I know what will help me in my niche? Do not worry there are many paid and free services that will assist you in identifying the most popular hashtags or what is hottest hashtags in your niche.  The most popular hashtags in Instagram right now is listed as #love #followback #instagramers #tweegram #photooftheday #20likes #amazing #smile #follow4follow #like4like #look #instalike #igers #picoftheday #food #instadaily #instafollow #followme #girl #instagood #bestoftheday #instacool #carryme #follow #colorful #style

If you were looking for popular hashtags in the #baby niche right now. This was listed as #baby #babies #adorable #cute #cuddly #cuddle #small #lovely #love #instagood #kid #kids #beautiful #life #sleep #sleeping #children #happy #igbabies #childrenphoto #toddler #instababy #infant #young #photooftheday #sweet #tiny #little #family

Whatever you do, make sure and take action. Without action, there will be no results. You will expect to make mistakes. But do not worry you will learn from them. Just remember, if you looking for Instagram followers or likes, you can click here 

Happy Hashtagging!


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