8 YouTube Video Ideas

8 YouTube Video Ideas

8 YouTube Video Ideas

Let’s face it creating your first YouTube video is always hard. You wonder if it is interesting enough. You want to make it perfect. Would people follow you? Do I have the right equipment?  I have been there and it is not easy. At some point, you get overwhelmed and almost facing an analysis paralysis attack. The best advice I ever got was this. STOP OVERTHINKING! TAKE ACTION TODAY! No truer words ever were spoken. You will never get it right the first time. But you need to keep chugging along until you start seeing success.  Here are ten YouTube videos ideas

  1. Introduction Video
  2. Overcoming a Personal Struggle or Fear
  3. Explain An Important Concept
  4. Start a new Series
  5. Tell  a story about your life
  6. Share your favourite food or place
  7. Start a challenge
  8. Share your product, service or song or act
  1. Introduction Video

Since this is your first YouTube video you should start at the beginning. Introduce yourself to your potential viewers. Tell them who you are. What are your passions and goals? Why did you make this channel? What you hope to achieve in the months ahead? Do not put on acting. People can see you through. Be yourself and many viewers will follow you once you keep it real.  It is all about relationship building.  It does not have to be perfect.  Did you know the very first YouTube video ever uploaded was 20 seconds long by Javed Karim, " Me At the Zoo" It was seen by tons of viewers.    So go for it! TAKE ACTION now!

2.   Overcoming a Personal Struggle or Fear

In life, we all go through personal struggles and fear.  Sharing part of these struggles and showing ways in which you overcome them is an excellent way to connect with your viewers.  People connect because they may identify with the fears and struggles making the connection real.

3.   Explain an Important Concept

Many viewers use YouTube videos to learn a new skill, cook an exotic dish, speak a different language. YouTube can be a wealth of information and you can be the person to show someone else another side of your life. Maybe you are visiting Japan on vacation and want to learn Japanese before your trip.  Show your viewers what app you are using. What do you think of the app? Or maybe you are technology savvy. You know how to build a website. Manage social media. Discover a new program for social media management. It is a great platform to share your wealth of knowledge. Make sure it is not all talk but rather showing your viewers over the shoulder mode. It is more interesting and you are sure to get more and more followers

4.   Start a new Series

This is also quite a good way to develop a theme around your videos. For example, Blendtec did not do borrowing advertisements to show the strength of its products. it started a series of video blending weird things such as the iPhone, games, devices. These unusual videos caught the attention of many viewers globally and these series have new followers every day


5.   Tell  a story about your life

       Stay-at-home moms and dads are telling parenting stories online. It is like a reality series but I believe only better because there is live interaction. But it is not only for the parents. Kids and siblings are also part of this new YouTube development. Through this popularity of your life events, you can go on to obtain sponsorship for products within your niche. You can check out Caribbean Pot - A Canadian with Caribbean roots who video blog about his recipes. Or what about the story of brother and sister who is always dancing. Ranz and Niana are Filipinos.  They averaged over 800,000 views per videos   They were able to capture a following since not many stories out there about brotherly and sisterly love. One video they posted in 2018 was able to garner over 25 million views. So the potential is there. Think outside the box and make some cool videos



6.         Share your favourite food or place                                                           

There may be a special place you love to hang out. Or maybe a favourite dish. Whatever you do you can make a video and show the world who you are. Many visitors are curious to learn about places and things outside their world. Through the use of videos, you can let them experience new things as if they are watching over your shoulders


7.         Start a challenge                                                                                                          

This is a great way to connect with your visitors and new persons globally One new YouTuber had his fans do a video from different corner of the world, depicting their country by getting a musical performance “ To a wonderful world” That video challenge took off like hotcakes. People were glued on their computer screen because you just did not know where next you were going or what instruments were being used for the musical rendition. It was an awesome idea. Once your challenge is fun and exciting, you will see the numbers growing




8.         Share Your Product, Service or Song or Act

Right after Instagram, YouTube is a great traffic generator. You can review a product and leave the link in this description. As an affiliate marketer, this method has known to reap some positive leads for the business. The great thing with video is that it can evoke a response. You can see and experience it somewhat in a virtual way. So that is why many store owners will use YouTube and create a carousel of photos from their store. Or simply create a video to tell the world about their store

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