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Choosing The Best Niche For Your YouTube Channel 

 Choosing The Best Niche For Your YouTube Channel 

You are a singer, have a great voice and love to sing. Or you are an ardent photographer and you have made some great videos. Or you are running a successful training v...

Top Ten Highest Paid YouTubers

Many people are waking up to a new career. The internet sensation allows anyone to become a journalist or even start an online series. While some people started it as a hobby or just for fun, it can be so much more. These videos can be a way to make money online for not only individuals but businesses online. Anyone can upload a video to YouTube. But not everyone has what it takes to make money off it or far less in some rare cases make a living income off these videos.

Who ...

Hashtags The Real Gold

Hashtags are like gold nowadays. It is powerful.  Are you aware that an Instagram post with at least one hashtag averages increased engagement by about 12.6% than a post without hashtags? 

Hashtags can assist your posts to be more targeted by reaching your audience, gain new followers in your niche, increase engagement and heighten your bran...

8 YouTube Video Ideas

8 YouTube Video Ideas

Let’s face it creating your first YouTube video is always hard. You wonder if it is interesting enough. You want to make it p...

What is the big deal with Instagram?


So you have been hearing a lot about Instagram. This trendy thing that all the cool kids are posting their photographs. Instagram was developed to share photos and videos from a smartphone via a social networking app. This social media platform has been around for quite some time but has quietly become pop...

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